Feeling Inspired

  • August

    I KNOW WHEN I’M FEELING inspired when I start saying NO.

    • No to hanging out with Jon 24/7.
    • No to great preceptoring opportunities that fall within the middle of my work time.
    • No to hitting the snooze button.
    • No to email inquiries to partner on a “great product”.
    • No to anything that gets me off track.

    This past weekend I had my first coaching meeting with Joe Arko.

    Why I hired him has less to do with his skill, contacts, ability to assist me technically, and more to do with accountability.

    If you are a busy mummy, wife, employee, house cleaner, cook, chauffeur, etc, etc, making time to go for your dreams MUST TAKE A PRIORITY, or else it just isn’t going to happen.

    If I’m not inspired by a project I am easily distracted.

    I find reasons to cook, clean, watch a YouTube video, check my emails, do the laundry… and the list goes on.

    But, just because you aren’t inspired doesn’t mean it’s not exactly what you need to be doing… because let’s face it, your dreams will take a lot of work… as they should.

    Things with the greatest reward are the things you worked hard for, because you appreciate them.

    For example, pushing out an 8lb baby!

    You carried your babe for 9 months and then had to go through hours and hours of contractions, stretch your vagina, feel the intense burn before you could enjoy the wonderful fruits of your labour (pun intended).

    Not to mention the achy bum for the next week and having to take care of this infant who constantly needs your attention and care.

    Yup, babies are hard work, but they are the most rewarding as well… it’s no coincidence.

    My Mummy G project is my baby.

    There are some things in life you know will be hard, challenging, a whole lotta work, but you know you are ready to take it on.

    You might not know how… but you know that you will figure it out!

    This is one of those things.

    This website and community will be my online baby that I will nurture, cuddle, play with and put a lot of time and energy into giving it the best chance for survival.

    And part of that work requires FOCUS. A clear direction with daily tasks and accomplishments to keep the project moving forward and gaining momentum.

    [Enter Joe]

    This is where a coach will do wonders. They are not only your cheerleaders, but they are your accountability. When you say you are going to accomplish something by a certain time frame (ie. write 40 posts by the Monday), your coach is there to take a stand.

    And it’s not so much of a scolding or guilt trip to make you do the work, I think of it as this coach believing in you and taking a stand for who you are, what you want to accomplish and your dreams, when sometimes you are tired, dejected or feeling not so inspired.

    This coach is on your team and believes in you, even if at times you don’t.

    He/she will help encourage you to live a big life. To dream big and just put one foot in front of the other each and every day. Because with consistent forward movement, you will get there. You just need to keep moving.

    And every once in a while he/she can help you pause to reflect and see if your direction needs some tweaking.

    Maybe you’ve worked so hard for a month and when you take a step back you have totally changed direction. Now is the time to reflect and see yes, this has grown organically in a way I never expected… or no, I’ve lost my vision and need to take steps to get back on track.

    A coach will also give you confidence at those moments where it is make-or-break. In any project or business, there is a critical moment where the pressure is on to take on something huge. Something that scares you or feels beyond what you are comfortable with.

    These are those special moments to cherish and dig deep, because these are often what takes a business (and your personal growth) to the next level.

    Pushing “GO” solo isn’t for everyone. Doubt, fear, anxiety, and ultimately your ego gets in the way and this isn’t the time to waver. This is the time when you step up to the plate and your coach reminds you of all the hard work and preparation you’ve put in. This is your time to shine… this is your moment.

    And your coach might be that force that gets you to double down and take a leap!

    At least, that’s what I hope will happen with Joe on my team!

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