Have Patience

  • August

    LAST NIGHT I HAD A DREAM that I was babysitting 3 children and it turned into a nightmare…

    First off, I was trying to get them to sleep in a busy party room, on the floor, with lights and music pumping. When they couldn’t sleep and were restless I got frustrated.

    I was at that “I can’t take it anymore!” level when all of a sudden I was able to take a breath and regroup.

    Patience is something I hope to have with my children.

    • The patience to let them explore without rushing them.
    • The patience to listen when they are telling a convoluted story.
    • The patience to sit with them while they are having a temper tantrum and really listen to what is going on.
    • And the patience to answer each and every “but why?”

    I want my children to feel heard. To feel respected. And to never give up their curiosity.

    Patience is something that I think I have a lot of… but only to a certain extend. Add in exhaustion, lack of sleep, and probably hunger and I’m not so sure how well my patience will be.

    But I will keep trying and making it a priority.

    And hopefully I will have more common sense as a mother to not try and put kids to bed on the floor of a busy party room!

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