Head Over Heels In Love

  • August

    JON AND I HAVE BEEN married for just over a month now.

    Yes, we are probably in that “honeymoon phase” as we have trouble not sharing and doing everything together. And I love it.

    Today’s post is one for me. It’s to remind me how much in love I am with Jon and to never forget this feeling or lose sight of our big picture.

    Often when couples have children, it can change a relationship. No longer it is just the 2 of you. No longer can you focus your sole attention on the other person. No longer is your spouse the only other person that makes up your family.

    Especially when sleep deprivation, adrenal exhaustion and a crying, pooping baby is thrown into the mix, finding time to cherish your partner can be challenging.

    I love Jon. But I also respect him.

    Jon and I rarely fight.

    I always thought that was weird. And it’s not because I’m a push-over.

    I mean, with my ex we would argue and get in heated conversations all the time. I thought this was the passion that fuels a relationship.

    And so I thought there was something missing in Jon and my relationship at the beginning. I waited, and waited… but still we never fight.

    And it’s not like we aren’t passionate! Oh boy, we don’t lacked sexual chemistry, sexual attraction, intimacy or excitability… but still we never fight.

    The closest thing to fighting would be a snappy comment or me being emotionally sad and not talking to him for a couple of hours while I tried to make sense of why I was triggered.

    I believe it’s because of 2 main things:

    1. We understand that your perception of reality is not necessarily actual reality. Our emotional attachment to an event or person skews how we experience things and the objective event may be experienced in many different ways.
    2. We respect each other. When you respect another person you fight less because you value what they think even if you don’t agree with them. Respect cannot be forced and it often is reciprocated to be honest. You can respect certain characteristics or skills of a person but if they don’t respect you, it’s difficult to respect them as a complete person.

    Is it just a phase?

    As newly weds, but not a new couple, I am completely head over heels for Jon.

    He brings out the best in me and always encourages me to be happy, fulfilled, inspired and living a life that I love.

    He is my rock when I waver, he is my sail when I’m down, and he is patience when I am lost. And boy have I been lost from time to time.

    We hold hands so that we can grow together and support one another. We hold hands because for some reason we can’t stop touching each other… ever!

    I love the feel of his soft lips on mine, his goofy smile when he’s trying to dance, the feel of his skin as it brushes mine and the overflowing love that he gives to me.

    Jon and I weren’t always lovers. Before we started dating I never saw him in a romantic way, but now I am smitten.

    His strength, courage, surrender and compassion is my heart.

    He still give me butterflies when we’re around each other and I crave his touch when we are not. I feel a tingling over my body when I think about how much I love him. My heart overflows with happiness and joy.

    He loves and appreciates me. And I can’t wait for our children to feel this type of love.

    In this moment, I am the luckiest woman ever and I hope to never lose sight of the beautiful man he is.

    Jon, you are my greatest adventure. Anywhere with you is a journey I want to explore.

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