How to Predict Making Parenting Easier

  • August

    THIS SUMMER I GOT MARRIED. Jon and I knew that we would ‘stop not trying’ to have a baby, and be open to the idea of family soon after the wedding.

    But as the time is here and we are preparing for parenthood, it seems that I want it more than ever. I’m trying not to get too excited as I know becoming pregnant can be a long and trying process. I know many “healthy people” have trouble conceiving and so I want to be patient for when the time is ready.

    But part of my preparation is being as healthy as possible to give my body the best chance of conception.

    This includes my 7 pregnancy preparations:

    1. Eat a clean diet… 80% of the time
    2. Be active
    3. Sleep
    4. Be grateful
    5. Drink lots of water
    6. Cut down on no-no’s
    7. Start taking your supplements

    Read the article here.

    These preparations are not too challenging for me because I’ve been relatively healthy and health conscious for so many years.

    Ever since I was young, I have been very athletic and conscious about eating a balanced diet that isn’t filled with extreme behaviors.

    Jon is also very conscious about what foods and habits make him feel alert, productive and full of energy.

    There are some things, however that are not so easily controlled that could make parenting just that little bit more challenging. So, this summer, I took it upon myself to get some pampering done as a pre-emptive measure for when Jon and I start popping out babies.

    Anything with low risk and high reward!

    This lead me to LASER everything!!

    I got laser eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness and laser hair removal.

    Not needing to wear contacts, glasses or shave my armpits are small things that could make a pretty big difference when traveling and raising a new born. No more razors, piles of contacts, contact solution, etc.

    I am a pretty “low maintenance” woman, and so shaving always took a back seat. Luckily, it didn’t dissuade Jon from being with me, but I still don’t feel the sexiest with hairy armpits.

    These are such small things that in reality are luxuries.

    But if it saves me a few minutes each day and just that little bit of headache (without any risk to my health), then I say all the power to me!

    If you have those few habits that are luxuries that don’t cost much but give you great pleasure, then why not?

    • Maybe for you it’s to get your nails done?
    • or to get a blow out of your hair?
    • Maybe you get eyelash extensions so that you don’t feel you need to put make-up on everyday?
    • You could use a food delivery service so that you are eating healthy without needing to cook or shop?
    • Or get a cleaning service every other week?
    • Or maybe you hire a diaper service so you can use re-usable diapers but don’t need to do all the laundry?

    This day-in-age is incredible.

    You have everything at your fingertips, so it’s important to do the things you love and value (i.e. spending time with your children, making home-cooked meals) and less time on the things you don’t enjoy (ie. doing laundry).

    But realistically, you will never know what you will need to make parenting easier.

    You won’t know until you are there.

    As humans, we think that we are really good at predicting the future because we can look back and see where things went wrong or got off course. But realistically, we suck at predicting things but we continue to do it because it gives us a false sense of control and security.

    Just read “Predictably Irrational” or “Anti-Fragile“… So far these have been really important books for shaping my perception of life.

    So I guess my advice is to do what makes you happy now and keep your options open.

    There’s no sense in worrying about a future you cannot predict rather than living in the present.

    Plan for the worst and stay flexible for the future.

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