• October

    I came across this letter that I wrote to myself after the first week of starting my Naturopathic doctorate school (CCNM). I’ve now graduated and looking back in reflection it’s really amazing what insight I had with such little idea of what I was really getting myself into.


    Unity Summit: September, 2008- YMCA Geneva Park

    Dear future self,

    So it’s the end of the Unity Summit and I learned a whole bunch and met a lot of really cool people. It’s a little overwhelming to meet so many people but I know I will grow very close with a lot of these people for the rest of my life [true story].

    The motivational speakers (Dr. Jason Lee ND and Dr. Kavita Sharma ND) really touched me and made me believe that I can be a great doctor and affect the world. I really admire the passion and devotion they both show to their practice, patients and future NDs. They promote preventative and holistic approaches and are committed to teaching their patients about their health by recognizing symptoms as warning signs.

    I hope to continue to push myself for more and never feel like I ever know enough. I want to expand my knowledge of all modalities, especially the spiritual and possibility of unexplainable realms. I want to be able to offer my patients the best healing techniques possible which entails knowledge of the human body and spiritual understanding of their background and thought processes. I want to learn from every person I interact with and to see each other on equal levels without judgment or discrimination.

    There is no good or bad, there just is.

    Rotten roots = rotten fruit

    Treat the person, not the dis-ease

    Naturopathic Doctors don’t heal a person, they heal themselves with your help.



    A less experienced self, ready to take on the World!

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