Second Trimester Lull

  • November

    What an awesome week I’ve had!

    Between the snorkeling expedition, Crossfit classes, paddle boarding, outdoor music concerts and working on the new MummyCare website, I was go, go go. But between the running around there was also a lot of downtime and I imagine that I may be doing more of that after this week.

    I’m an all-or-nothing type person and when I’m pushing myself all is good. I work hard, play hard and then rest.

    But now that I’m pregnant, a whole new way of thinking and living has taken place.

    No longer can I just run myself to empty because it could be really harmful to the baby that’s growing inside of me.

    That awesome snorkeling trip that I took, what I didn’t mention is the 15-20 bouts of vomiting that accompanied it, which made a very stressful environment for baby (I’m sure) and a undernourished mummy.

    And as the first trimester pregnancy symptoms (ie. nausea, fatigue, lack of focus) start to lift and I’m starting to feel better, it’s easy to push myself too hard, too quickly.

    I love pushing myself in the gym. Working up a sweat, feeling out-of-breath and that whole body soreness is amazing… but when is it too much?

    So I’ve started to scale back my intensity keeping in mind exercise and activities are important but to do them in moderation.

    Second Trimester Anxiety

    Second trimester is an interesting time for most women. Especially if this is your first pregnancy (like mine), you don’t really know what to expect.

    And as a first time pregnant woman, you will more than likely not start showing until week 20 or even later.

    I don’t know about you, but that feels like a really long time!

    As I’m feeling a bit back to my normal self, this 2nd trimester lull has me a bit anxious. Because I can’t feel the flutters and kicks yet and I’m not feeling as ill, it’s almost as if I’m not pregnant at all.

    At times I even have sensations of my menstrual cycle beginning, which has me unnecessarily anxious about miscarriage.

    And to think that this will last up to another 2 months!

    But what’s the rush. It’s so interesting how much hype and build up there is to the labour portion of having a baby. Many people plan and plan and plan for this magical pregnancy and birth experience, forgetting that it only lasts for 9 months, while caring for a baby and dealing with postpartum symptoms and a new dynamic to your relationships will last for YEARS!

    So for the next 2 months I’m going to try and put my pregnancy excitement in perspective and focus on:

    1. Eating as healthy as I can (ie. start eating more veg, protein and my prenatal vitamins, now that I can somewhat stomach them)
    2. Spending quality time with my husband (and not just talking about baby stuff)
    3. Spending quality time with myself and practicing self-care (including getting back to my regular journalling and meditation)
    4. Exercising regularly and being active but in moderation
    5. Loving my body and appreciating how incredible it is
    6. Building a stronger relationship with my family, friends and community
    7. Kicking butt on my work so that once baby comes I feel confident that I can balance the website, be present with my family and take care of myself
    8. Reading, reading, reading

    At the end of the month will be my Anatomy Ultrasound appointment and that will be a great time to connect back with the reality of the baby that is growing inside of my uterus, and we get to find out the gender!!


    Mummy G

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