The One And Only Thing I Will Miss While I’m Pregnant

  • August

    WHEN YOU ARE trying to get pregnant your health is not your only concern. Now you have to think about the person you are growing inside of you.

    I am a relatively healthy person but every cookie, burger, ice cream or piece of “junk food” that I put into my body has me thinking more and more about how it will affect my baby.

    I believe in moderation.

    Eighty percent of the time I eat a very clean diet rich of veggies, lean protein, minimal carbs (besides rice), healthy fats, lots of fibre and some fruit.

    The other 20% of the time I don’t worry too much about feeling guilty or tracking my caloric intake because, well.. I want to be human and enjoy my time out with friends or family without being too strict.

    I don’t need the incessant guilt trip or to carry a burden on my mind so that I take the joy out of eating.

    I eat clean most of the time. Jon and I cook our meals (or eat raw) everyday and so when we do go out once or twice a week we enjoy ourselves.

    Now this doesn’t mean we have poutine, milkshakes, chocolate waffle and deep fried chicken… It means we might still order a salad or rice noodles or Indian food, but we don’t need to be too particular about food restrictions, unless it’s an allergy of course.

    For me, I’m pretty healthy, but there is ONE THING that I will miss when I’m pregnant.

    • No, I don’t take illicit drugs…
    • No, I don’t smoke…
    • No, I don’t drink alcohol often…
    • And no, I don’t even drink coffee…

    And I’m not even taking regular medications or supplements that would interact with pregnancy (ie. birth control).

    *I am taking an anti-parasitic botanical tincture currently, but I’ll be off of it in 5 days or so.

    The one thing that I will miss most is…

    … SUSHI!

    This won’t come as a surprise to my friends and family as I LOVE SUSHI! I love rolls, sashimi, chirashi and any other combination of raw fish, rice and seaweed.

    I especially love raw salmon. The tender and fatty marbled orange flesh that melts in your mouth. Ughhhhhhaaaa….

    To go 9 months without sushi might be the most challenging of all my pregnancy! lol…

    However, one of my pregnant colleagues researched raw fish and pregnancy and found that the potential harmful organisms in raw fish is actually denatured by the stomach acid of the mum. Therefore there should be no reason why sushi would cause harm to the fetus.

    I’ll make sure to do more research on this topic for all my sushi-loving-mummies.

    There is a number of things you don’t want to expose an infant to because of the worry that their undeveloped immune system won’t be able to fight off harmful organisms.

    However, much of the worry in pregnant women for organism-related infections from food (ie. raw honey, raw fish) is more of a preventative measure rather than a contraindication.

    There is so much to enjoy about pregnancy and raising children, but it’s also easy to get stuck in a fear-based reactive mode. It’s easy to feel guilty or like a bad mother when the latest news article pops up about unsafe levels of (fill in the blank) in that food, toy or cleaning product.

    I hope that this site can help separate fear-mongering from research from theory. Join me now! Get on the waiting list and sign-up for the free Mummy G FB group today.

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