Three Things to Give a New Mummy

  • August

    I HAVE MANY FRIENDS and colleagues with new babies. It’s just that time in our lives where everyone seems to be getting married or pregnant.

    And I LOVE it! I love sharing in these special moments and being there for my friends.

    Over the years, I have learned that there are 3 things all new mummies need:

    1. Your Love
    2. Your Time
    3. Your Food

    It may be hard for new mums to express what they really want, but if you stick to these 3 things I know they will be very appreciative.

    1. Your Love

    Don’t underestimate a kind word, thoughtful email, loving card or just a quick “I’m thinking of you”.

    Sending random positive messages might just be what your mummy friend needs in a time of exhaustion. They may not be able to carve out 30 minutes to chat on the phone every week, but for you to drop a line can brighten up their day.

    2. Your Time

    Time is a luxury that new mums don’t have. They are always feeding, changing diapers, trying to get a nap in, soothing a baby and repeating. I remember trying to study with my classmate who had a 3 month old… and wow! She couldn’t get anything done.

    You’ll hear time and time again that new mums, “just want to take a shower” or “just want to tidy up”. There’s little time or effort left in a day for self-care. So, your time is valuable to them.

    Go over to their place and watch their little munchkin for 30 minutes so that mummy can:

    • shower
    • wash the dishes
    • get dinner set up
    • tidy up the toys
    • nap
    • get a massage
    • or just relax with some grown ups

    Make sure you keep that expectation that you don’t need to be catered to. That you are fine helping yourself to water, snacks, toys, etc. If you aren’t pro-active in helping yourself, you might be more of a burden when you do go over.

    3. Your Food

    For a new mummy, healthy food is something that often too time consuming to buy and make, but so important. Labor is very depleting for mummy, and she needs a lot of nutrition and healthy sustenance. The quality of food is really important for mummy, but baby too. Sometimes eating greasy fast food can cause breastfeeding babies to have gas and irritability.

    Whenever I visit a new mummy friend, I always go out and buy some reusable tupperware and make a big batch of food that can be stored in the freezer for a “rainy day”. These are the types of meals I make for myself in big batches for myself anyways. My freezer has several ready-made frozen meals stored in case I’m running late or am going away and I want to make sure Jon has something nutritious to eat.

    Here’s a list of my go-to meals that are often mild in spice so that they are mummy, daddy and baby-friendly:

    • Beef and veggie chilli
    • Green chicken curry
    • Vegetable soup
    • Beef and broccoli stew
    • Chicken stir fry

    So here’s to all your mummy friends. As they are entering a new chapter in their lives you can be a big help by giving them your love, time and delicious healthy food!


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