• November

    Today (Sun, Nov 3rd, 2013), I embark on
    a journey to South East Asia.

    Many people have traveled to South East Asia and have fallen in love with the culture, food, temples, extreme activities, parties and beautiful scenery. Many have told me they wished they could have spent more time there.

    So, my trip is not unique. I am not the first and I know I will be amongst many tourists. But this trip is special to me. It will be my first time visiting South East Asia and traveling by myself, but will be visited by many loved ones. I am dedicating the next 9 months to this adventure. I am trying my best not to plan too much and to embrace the wondrous unknown.

    Toronto Pearson Airport and my only luggage for the next 9 months

    I hope to be able to volunteer my skills as a Naturopathic Doctor but also gain teachings from Traditional Healers. There is an art to medicine that cannot be taught from a textbook or in a classroom. This art does not require pen to paper or even a shared language. It is, however a language: the language of touch, intuition, and being present with the spirit of another.

    Our senses deceive us. We hear what we want to hear, see what we want to see, ignore what doesn’t fit into our ideal, and become infatuated with being right. Our minds play tricks on us unconsciously. And it is no fault of ours. In the end, we are human and our egos drive a powerful vehicle called the mind.

    The best we can do is to be aware. Remain grounded.
    Be present.

    Our senses deceive us because the nervous signals must be processed by our brain into a language we understand. And if that message doesn’t make sense, we fill in the blanks to what we expect it to be. The non-sense is corrected by information collected from our past experiences. Unfortunately, those memories are almost always incorrect. Even if you are 99.999% sure that you remember the exact details of an event, you will be wrong. You will be wrong because our perceptions paint a moment of the picture and the rest is filled with a probable sequence of events.

    The problem with probability is that it ignores the unique events. It narrows our view of the world and incredible opportunities that may be right in front of us. As a health care practitioner, we can jump to premature conclusions and diagnoses.

    Seeing each experience as a blank slate is difficult, especially by idea goif your ego is in the way. This is why I love traveling. There is an excitement of seeing something new but I also take in the details of experience with fresh eyes.

    So I invite you to come on this adventure with me. All I can hope for is an open imagination and the presence to embrace whatever incredible experiences are laid out in front of me.

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