Vietnam- Dec 14-19, 2013

  • December

    I had a short, but sweet trip to Vietnam and wished I spent more time here. With only 5 days to explore Vietnam I decided to focus on the South and visit the North on another trip. Here are the highlights:

    • I flew from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), Vietnam
    • I was given some great recommendation for a tailor in the Ben Thanh (232 Le Thanh Ton St., 1st district) called  Nhut Tailor. The are a bit pricier but very nice quality and quickly made suits for men
    • Also recommended was a near-by restaurant in a narrow alley called Quan Nam Giao. It was so delicious we went back again.
    • Walked the Ben Thanh market and successfully dodged the non-stop traffic
    • Danced at an outdoor DJ and pop concert
    • Ran into a pub crawl of over 200 expats all wearing Santa suits
    • Had a drink on the roof top of the Rex Hotel where the Secretary of State, John Kerry was dining
    • Took a bus to Can Tho city and ate some delicious Vietnamese sandwiches!
    • Woke up at 4:30am to catch a boat into the largest floating market along the MeKong Delta. Unfortunately, the produce industry is dying and it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped.
    • I flew to Phu Quoc Island and it was breath-taking.
    • I rented a scooter for the day and explored the Northern part of the island visiting abandoned islands, taking wrong turns and testing my kahuna
    • Our next destination would be Koh Phangan, Thailand and we had a long journey ahead of us (Phu Quoc –> Ho Chi Minh City –> Bangkok –> Koh Samui –> bus and ferry to Koh Phangan).


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