“We might have made a baby”

  • August

    YESTERDAY WE HAD SEX for the first time in a LONG time WITHOUT a condom!


    And even though I’m not ovulating right now, there was a strange electrifying energy.

    Of course sex was more stimulating for Jon without a condom, but even still, there was excitement over the fact that we could be making a baby!

    “We might have made a baby”

    Were words out of Jon’s mouth that almost made me cry.

    Like any couple, our road has had it’s ups and downs.

    Despite rarely fighting, there have been many moments of uncertainty.

    For example, I was used to being in long-term relationships, while Jon really wasn’t. I didn’t know if he was ready to commit and I didn’t know when he would be ready to have a family.

    For the last 6 years, Jon’s focus has been really on his business.

    Really, ever since we started dating he has been knee-deep in the vision and execution of his business. The first couple of years were hard because he had yet to find that work-life balance.

    But now! But now I am so proud of him.

    He is the one who wakes up early to be really productive and efficient with his work so that he can take the time to be present with me.

    He’s the one who has automated and hired on people to  helporganize his work so that, one day, he can spend as much time with his family as he wants.

    He is the one grinding smartly to give our family the financial security and freedom to travel. Jon and I live a life of adventure and exploration… and we plan to continue to do that with children.

    Jon is paving a new path for himself and us.

    As an online entrepreneur myself, I never realized how tough it really is.

    I mean, the actual doing is far easier than the getting yourself to do it. There are so many moments of uncertainty, fear, worry, self-doubt and distractions. There’s lots of comparing yourself to someone else and feeling like you aren’t doing enough.

    There’s even more worry for me that people won’t like me. That they will ridicule what I’m doing.

    I’m definitely more emotional than logical when it comes to putting myself out there.

    Jon has done an incredible job staying as logical as possible. There have been times when a negative comment would get him down, but not for long.

    He has an incredible strength inside him that is only just starting to shine through.

    Did you know, he was never a great student?

    He actually was a horrible multiple-choice taker.

    The students he tutored in his classes would get better grades than him on exams because they were strictly memorizing… meanwhile, Jon was analyzing and really understanding concepts. He realized that things were not as black-and-white as the writers of exams made things.

    But ask him to write out an essay, and that’s where he blew everyone out of the water.

    Jon has had to pave his own way since he was young. And he had to do it with determination and perseverance.

    It hasn’t always been easy for Jon, but he always focuses on the positive and has a “never give-up” attitude.

    His 2 rules he lives by:

    1. Do a good job
    2. Make sure everybody knows about it

    This is something I truly respect and admire about Jon. He has come so far, and to be part of this exciting next journey with him will be the most fun of all.

    Jon, you are a beautiful person, inside and out, you will make a thoughtful and loving father, and I can’t wait to make a baby with you!

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