What If?

  • August

    What if I have trouble conceiving?
    What if I have a miscarriage?
    What if I have the worst pregnancy symptoms?
    What if I need a c-section, epidural, intervention?
    What if I make a mistake?

    YOU HEAR ENOUGH STORIES from friends and family about their “horrible” pregnancy/ birthing/ child-rearing experiences and it can get me freaked out from time to time.

    Writing this blog however, is going expose all the fears, wounds, and “not so great parenting moments” to a few people… not many, but a few.

    This is also scary.

    I initially started this blog because I was inspired by a girlfriend.

    I had given her a beautiful journal for her 30th birthday and she kept it to write something incredibly special.

    When her son was born, she started journaling weekly stories for him. HOW AMAZING!

    And one day she plans on giving him this journal to read!

    Immediately, I loved the idea. It was so personal, so thoughtful and what a wonderful way to document such an important part of a person’s life. A part of his life that will likely not remember as an adult.

    But my friend’s journal IS personal and writing IS vulnerable. Blogging on the other hand… It’s available to the world. But, it also keeps me accountable to do this routine day-in and day-out, no matter how busy, stressed or tired I am.

    Writing grounds me and allows me to think through everything that is racing through my mind.

    When I get into writing it’s hard for me to stop.

    So I take on this challenge to blog daily. Short or long, well composed or a simple scribble of messy thoughts, I take on this challenge because it scares me AND makes me a better writer, person and hopefully mummy.

    This is MY TIME… and it is what keeps me grounded when everything else in my life might be going to shit.

    It also allows me to reflect, be grateful, and find joy in everyday. To celebrate the small victories and embrace the ebb and flow of parenthood.

    As a mummy-to-be, I know I don’t have a clue as to how challenging being a parent really is, so this daily practice will be raw, real and honest.

    It will be my sanctuary when I am worried, doubtful, scared, alone or so exhausted that every little thing is driving me insane.

    It will also be my haven to be proud, glowing, bursting with love and where every cell in my body will hardly be able to contain the joy that is felt only by those lucky enough to call themselves mummies.

    So let’s do it. Let’s take this crazy ride and document the whole damn thing… cuz, why not?

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