What’s Your Sign?

  • August

    WHEN SOMEONE WANTS a baby, it can make them crazy!

    There’s even people who create pregnancy symptoms in their minds hoping that they are actually pregnant.

    Instead of calling someone crazy, I think of it as just being hyper-aware.

    Suddenly you are paying really close attention to stomach upsets, feelings in your vagina, breast tenderness, etc.

    But all these symptoms could also be PMS (premenstrual symptoms).

    So what are the real signs of early pregnancy?

    Well, we all know about the dreaded MORNING SICKNESS and basically nausea all the time… but not all women get this.

    Not all women get the same pregnancy symptoms.

    Some of my girlfriends had no symptoms as all. And since you don’t start showing until 2nd trimester, some of these friends were constantly worried that something had happened to the baby because they felt so normal!

    So I polled my Mummy G Community (it’s free to join), and these were some of the strange symptoms that they experienced in early pregnancy…

    • Before I knew for sure? Breast tenderness and decreased aerobic capacity.
    • In the beginning my face would flush at night and I’d get hot easily (I’m more of a cold person) along with breast tenderness and quick growth.”
    • “First trimester more so nausea and random vomiting along with not even being able to THINK or smell veggies (especially broccoli lol). Second trimester was lovely with just some fatigue and cravings. Now in the home stretch I can cry on a dime and lose my breath easily.
    • “Increased respiration rate and tendency to breathlessness almost right away.”
    • A few weeks in I started having major aversions to some of my favourite healthy foods like raw garlic and baked green vegetables. All I want is bread and cheese!”
    • Bone breaking fatigue of first trimester for each pregnancy.”
    • Super tender beautiful boobs was the first sign.”
    • With my first- I didn’t want anything green and the thought of a runny egg yoke was enough to make me gag. I wanted orange juice and macaroni! With my second, I loved my greens and eggs, and craved orange juice and macaroni again!”

    • “I was likely a bit under weight the first time on conception and my appetite shot up. It was a constant debate between eat or sleep (or study 😊).”

    And not only did women experience tender boobies, easy exhaustion, cravings and changes in appetite, but also…

    • “I always knew i was pregnant when I had the strangest dreams
    • “More feely – not weepy or upset per se but more sensitive.”
    • Fatigue, headaches, super strange dreams and tender breasts!”
    • Crazy bloating for 1-2 weeks (Progrsterone effects on GI).”
    • Heartburn! And I also got swelling through my abdomen almost immediately.

    • I was breastfeeding” my toddler when I conceived and the nipple sensitivity when he fed was sign one.”
    • I had super sensitive breasts, heightened sense of smell, all day nausea, dry heaving, new cysts & skin tags, vertigo, strange but vivid dreams/insomnia, fatigue, abdominal tenderness, acne, flatulence, headaches, mood changes – but I was also carrying two at the time!

    As you can see ladies… there is no normal.

    Listen to your body. And if you are experiencing these types of symptoms, have missed a period but the pregnancy test come back negative… don’t panic just yet.

    Even if your pregnancy test is positive and you have light spotting at menstruation time, you may still have a viable baby.

    So breath, be patient, and follow up with your primary care doctor. They will be able to run a blood test or ultrasound to have more accurate results.

    We are all different and have unique pregnancy experiences… so try your best to enjoy it (even the bad), because it won’t last.

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