Personal trainer turned Naturopathic doctor --
Dr. Alison Chen presents...

A 6-month holistic program to dominate healthy habits, ONE THING at a time.

  • Build life-long healthy habits without being overwhelmed
  • Feel confident taking on one habit change at a time
  • Stay accountable, motivated and supported

"Never before has a personal trainer turned Naturopathic doctor
put together such a concise program for the everyday person who deserves an extraordinary life."

Health isn't just about looking good, but feeling Strong, Empowered, and Loving YOUR Life

  • Make attainable, inspiring and positive habit changes, ONE THING at a time
  • Focus your energy on just ONE THING to have the most success possible
  • A new look at your health - it's more than just diet and exercise
  • Feel confident and energized so you can take on the important things in life

If you've ever...

  • Felt frustrated and isolated on your journey to health
  • Felt overloaded with so much information and health advice
  • Felt overwhelmed with all the changes you want to make
  • Felt disenchanted by diets, fads and weight loss gimmicks

You'll be happy to hear...

  • You can dominate your health goals
  • You can identify the best guidance for you
  • You can take back control with clarity
  • You can succeed and radiate with confidence

The problem with most weight loss or nutrition programs is that there is too much conflicting information that debates the minutia. Other programs make such outrageous health and weight loss claims that are not sustainable or healthy.

But the big picture is often lost. A holistic and preventative view of health is not taught and is not practiced consistently. They don’t take into consideration the complexities of your body and your life.

This is why I’ve created a step-by-step system for mastering all the aspects of your health, ONE THING at a time.


You can find other fat loss programs and diets, but nothing like this...

By now, you’ve probably realized that the idea of a quick fix, however ideal, is not realistic. Most things work for a short period of time and then they stop. They stop working either because:

  • It was too confusing and overwhelming
  • It wasn't a sustainable lifestyle
  • It was too time consuming and expensive
  • It made other parts of your life suffer
  • You felt awful doing it

Health is a lifestyle of choice NOT a life sentence filled with guilt or judgment. Health should be empowering. Health should feel good.

Avoiding information overload will help you focus on...

  • What matters most to you
  • What gives you the best benefits, while
  • Eliminating the things that don't work in your life

We live in a world of information overload. As you dive deeper into the pool of information, the most important thing to get you reaching your goals is missing: ACTION.

The biggest roadblock is often deciding which program to take on and keeping up with a consistent plan.

THE ONE THING is a 6-month program, which offers focused information so you can still enjoy your life, while getting results and feeling fabulous.

Each month you get ONE THING to focus on. That's it.
And you can get as much or little guidance as you need.


A systematic approach to getting healthier and feeling happier
so you can live your life with optimal vitality

What's included...

Introducing your coach...

I WAS PETITE AND SLIM. Some would have called me scrawny. As a competitive gymnast, I trained over 30 hours a week between the ages of 6-17 years old. I ate whatever I wanted. My favorite “carb-loading” meal before a big competition was angel-hair pasta with butter and garlic sauce.

As I began taking more time to heal from repetitive injuries, my training intensity declined. And then puberty hit me. At 17 years old, I simply didn’t have enough body fat to stimulate my menstrual cycle and this break was what it needed. But I wasn’t happy.

My body was betraying me.

For once in my life I could pinch love handles and was self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit. It didn’t help that my gymnastics coaches were starting to weigh us, I was a foot taller than my mom, or that I was becoming interested in boys.

My high school sweetheart was the first person who could really express his love - for who I was and appreciate my body - as it was. He didn’t want to change me. To make me laugh, he would grab his own belly fat and giggle it. He was more confident about his overweight body than I was about mine.

Health is NOT about changing yourself, but letting your true self shine – and brightly. It's about feeling confident and truly believing in yourself.

Health should feel good. Health should give you the energy to be inspired by life.


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THE ONE THING 6-month program begins Feb 1st, 2016.
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  • Take on ONE habit change each month to cover all important aspects of health
  • A diet tool to finally recognize food intolerances and sensitivities
  • A done-for-you workout guide by expert personal trainer - Jen Sinkler
  • A quick trick to feel grounded and full of abundance
  • A list of all the home remedies you will need for emergencies and stressful events
  • An exclusive online community to support your journey to health and vitality
  • Build realistic and attainable goals to have you living the life you've dreamed of

THE ONE THING is a 6-month program for anyone wanting clarity and simplicity in their journey to health.
Whether you want to heal your body, shed those extra pounds, increase physical strength, or be more energetic, THE ONE THING is for you.
Sign-up and start feeling strong and healthy today.

Let's do this together,


  • TOT Manual
  • TOT Weekly Workbooks
  • TOT Recorded Seminars
  • TOT Calender App
  • TOT Workout Manual (BONUS)
  • TOT Progress Tracker (BONUS)
  • Hypo-Allergenic Manual (BONUS)
  • Exclusive Online Support (BONUS)

All materials are sent digitally and are a combination of Microsoft Word, .pdf, .excel, and video files. Upon checkout you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your program and bonus materials.

Pay only $19 per month for 6 months
Pay $95 for the full 6-month program

Enrollment for the TOT 6-month program is NOW OPEN.
Program begins February 1, 2016 until August 31, 2016.

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Your Questions Answered...

  • I have my own Naturopathic doctor and/ or personal trainer, can I still use the TOT program?

    Absolutely, this program is designed to work in conjunction with your medical and fitness plan. If you are unsure about any of the recommendations please speak with your primary health care provider.

  • I don't have a local gym that I work out at, can I still benefit from the TOT program?

    That’s not a problem! The exercise manual includes variations for each workout so that you can achieve results with no equipment, little equipment or a full gym. And it even suites the needs of all levels of fitness experience.

  • I'm not a beginner, can I still use the TOT program?

    Yes, you can still get a lot out of the TOT program even if you are a health expert yourself. The TOT is about creating health challenges that work at your level and then practicing them so that they become second nature. Everyone can benefit from mastering the foundations to health.

  • How is this material delivered?

    Upon successful checkout you’ll receive an email confirmation. In that confirmation will be instructions on how to get immediate access to all of your materials. It should take as little as 5 minutes from checkout to full access.

  • I'm on some medications, is it safe to do the TOT program?

    Yes, this program is safe to do while on medications. It incorporates dietary nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle protocols. It may even help you gain control of your medication. That being said, make sure to consult with your primary physician before you start any supplements and make any changes to your medication regiment.

    **This program is NOT a substitute for medical health care.

  • How can I be a patient of Dr. Alison Chen?

    Unfortunately I am not currently taking one-on-one patients.

  • What makes this different from other programs?

    THE ONE THING 6-month program is unique in that it was created with a holistic approach for sustainable health by a personal trainer turned Naturopathic doctor.

    You will often find programs introducing fad diets or exercise regiments, but none that incorporate YOU, YOUR life situation and attainable steps, therefore making them impractical and unsustainable. Maximizing your health is about being able to implicate the tools into your life with ease and forever.

  • I have another question. Where can I ask it?

    Feel free to send an email to with the subject titled [TOT Question] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

SIGN ME UP NOWI have nothing to lose - except those stubborn pounds

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