Welcome to the Vitality Program

Take advantage of continuing online support on your path to optimal health and vitality

Your first month is completely complementary.

This provides you with great support while you are implementing your protocol and re-introducing yourself back into your home environment.

Please note the following months will be automatically charged if you do not stop payments before the first month is complete.

Please add my Skype user name to your account: AlisonChenND

If you do not have a Skype account, you can create one for free here.

How do Office Hours Work?

Each week for 2 hours, I host office hours via Skype. The hours change each week and will be posted on my website at least 5 days prior. You can find the updated times here.

During these 2 hours, you can login to Skype and send me a message. It can be about anything related to your well-being.

If you can’t make the office hours for the week but still have a question, you’re welcome to write it in a message to me on Skype ahead of time in the format I advise. I’ll then answer your question during the office hours and you can login at your convenience to read the response.

My Office Hours can be found on the right hand sidebar of my website here.