It's time to get your sh** together and start with your POO.

That's right. I said it.

Poo is one of those taboo words that most people feel very uncomfortable with.

I believe that health should be fun, educational, and entertaining.

And the best medicine is preventative.

Your poo can tell you a whole lot about your health, and all you need to do is be able to read it. I've teamed up with a brilliant cartoon illustrator, Jeremy Wat, to bring you....


Dr. Alison Chen, ND -- Traveler, Explorer and Creator of "What Your Poo Says About You" -

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A 32-page, full color, full fun, child-friendly rhyming book on what your poo says about your health and how to make sure you are living optimally.

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This is a great resource for...

  • parents
  • teachers
  • baby sitters
  • health enthusiasts
  • the waiting rooms of doctors and practitioners
  • and of course as bathroom readers!

Fun for people of all ages! This book is more than just funny cartoons about poop. There is so much you can learn from paying attention to your poop. Gastrointestinal health is the window to mental, physical and hormonal well-being.

Your poo tells you more about your health than you ever expected, you only need to know how to read it. Now you can.

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